at the 2010/4th International Conference on Russian America held in Sitka, Alaska,
a cordial invitation was extended by
The International Umbrella Organization


giving the opportunity to
The Åland Islands Emigrant Institute
now in collaboration with
The Provincial Archives of Åland
to organize as well as host

the 2012/5th
International Conference on
Russian America

in partnership with the

1st Åland/Finland’s
International Conference on Russian America

taking place 2012 August 20-25
at Mariehamn, capital of Autonomous Åland Islands, Finland
the conference languages will be English & Russian.
The Government of the Åland Islands
will in August of 2012
celebrate the
Åland Islands’ 90th Year of Autonomy,
graciously granting above conferences
the official status of participants at this major event

and, as stated at the 2010/4th International Conference
in the invitation delivered by
The Honorable Britt Lundberg,
Deputy Head of Government, Autonomous Åland Islands
the Conference title is

“Those Other Russians”

offering all researchers interested in the history of Russian America,
all conceivable challenges in covering this title.

Call for Papers

Note: requests are made for an abstract of proposed paper consisting of no more than 300 words written in English (perfection of language not required) to be submitted by E-mail to the following address no later than 19 March 2012.
There will be a slot of 20 minutes granted each paper delivered at this conference.
Please note: Length of each paper to be submitted no later than 16 July 2012 should be no longer than 10 pages of single spaced text in the size of 12 standard points + bibliography, end notes and referred to sources.

Subjects to be focused upon at this conference:

1: to focus on all people (other than ethnic Russians), present in Russian America, including men women and children, belonging to, or identified as belonging to, or identifying themselves as belonging to any of the multitude of ethnic groups, engaged by the Russian-American Company, or accompanying such individuals, such as native Ålanders, Finlanders, Ingrians, Karelians, Veps, Estonians, Baltic Germans, Latvians, Poles, Swedes, Danes, Germans, Creoles, Kamchatdales, as well as native Americans and native Alaskans etc.
2: to among them focus on those who as free agents were recruited into Company service, as well as on those the Company subjugated (forcibly) under its rule, and the difference, if any, in their treatments as well as living conditions.
3: to document the professions, and skills offered by various ethnic groups, as well as professional activities at specific workplaces, as well as the specific contributions each individual as well as each ethnic group made towards the Russian-American Company.
4: the interactions between individuals, within an ethnic group, as well as between these various ethnic groups, culturally, religious-wise, and linguistically, etc. as well as with the ethnic Russians.
All are subjects, which up to now have been far too ignored, overlooked, and/or far too poorly represented in the history of Russian America, Alaska, Russia, USA, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and the Autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland, since 1917 December 6: Republic of Finland, as well as in the kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark. It is a remarkably rich field, still far too untapped, which should be thoroughly explored. (Papers dealing with subject-matters other than those covered by the title of this conference will be referred to the next conference on Russian America).

Welcome to the Åland Islands


All those interested in this subject matter are most heartfelt welcome to attend this upcoming conference.

For information please contact:

The Åland Islands Emigrant Institute
Norra Esplanadgatan 5
AX-22100 Mariehamn
Åland, Finland

ph. +358-(0)18-13325 (at 12-4 pm)