The Emigrants Day, July 18, at the Åland Music Institute


President of the Aland Islands' Emigrant Institute Society Mr Erik Lindholm greets the audience welcome to 'The Emigrants Day' at the Aland Island Music Institute. To the left Ms Eva Meyer, director of the Institute.
A delighted audience were listening to Mr Garfield Sallman and Mrs Jeanne Eriksson Widman who played both classical and popular music.
Mr Garfield Sallman at the Aland Island Music Institute.
Mr Garfield Sallman at the grand piano.
Mr Garfield Sallman, a descendent of Foglo on Aland came all the way from Chicago to make a special consort on both classical and popular music on the grand piano.
Jeanne Eriksson Widman, descendent of Vestantrask, Finstrom on Aland delivered a very appreciated musical greeting from the Society Aland of New York togeather with Bengt Hedman from Värmland (left) and Einar Eriksson from Värmland / New York (right).