Emigrant Exhibition in the Community of Hammarland
8th of September 2003 - 30th October 2003


View over the Emigrant Exhibition "Scandinavian Roots - American Lives" in the Library of Hammarland.
John Wennström (1916-1989), the Promotor of the Åland Islands' Emigrant Institute, was born in Sålis, Hammarland. Left is a photo taken during the celebration of the Society Ålands 50th Anniversy in New York 1965.
Three prominant emigrants från Hammarland: vertically from the left is Director of Economics Carl Rundberg (1901-1972), Director of Commerce Algot Johansson (1898-1986) and Carl Gösta Andrén (b. 1946) Managing Director of the New York Cruise Lines.
Emigrants from Hammarland.
Director of Economics Carl Rundberg (1901-1972), the founder of "Rundbergs såg".
At top the sawmill of Carl Rundberg in Önningby, Jomala and at bottom a photo taken 1939 when it was called "Eckerö ångsåg" (Eckerö steam saw).
Fancy goods on display at the Emigrant Exhibition in Hammarland. The well-known descendents from Föglö, Haddon Sundblom and Warner Sallman were also presented.
Agda Irene Malmquist (1866-1955), b. Jansson in Lillbolstad, Hammarland, married to Erik Malmquist, b. 1885 in Finnö, Geta. The Malmquist couple emigrated twice to America and returned definitely 1931 and settled in Finnö, Geta.
Wedding picture from Konrad and Naimi Janssons wedding on February 26th 1911 in New York. Konrad Jansson b.1885 in Lillbolstad, Hammarland, emigrated 1901 and Naimi, b. 1885 in Möckelgräs, Geta, grew up with her aunt in America from the age of 9. År 1919 the Jansson couple returned to stay in the Åland Islands.
The America trunk from 1890 has belonged to A Ostrobothnian Johannes Pörn (1871-1935)from Solf. The Trunk came to the Åland Islands in the 1970ties.
Image9 The most common way to communicate with folks back home was by letters and postcards.