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The Åland Islands' Emigrant Institute is now open

The Åland Islands´ Emigrant Institute Society is open weekdays 12 noon until 4 pm.

Now you can read the latest membership reports. Feel free to ask questions or write your opinion about our website in our guest book.

We wish to obtain information from you about emigrants fråm the Aland Islands.
Please, read more about our Emigrant Database here.

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Haddon Hubert Sundblom’s Santa Claus illustrations

The eminent commercial artist Haddon Hubert Sundblom’s Santa Claus illustrations are currently featured at the Åland Museum in Mariehamn in a joint venture with the Åland Islands’ Emigrant Institute, a follow up of the Åland Post release of this year’s Santa Claus stamp.

 We are most grateful to the Hallmark Cards, Inc. for granting us their benevolent consent so that we at last can enjoy and take pride in this our island’s own son’s achievement.

 Haddon Sundblom hails from this small Finnish island of Åland, located just off the Finnish coast in the Gulf of Bothnia. His father Carl Wilhelm Sundblom was born and grew up here but emigrated to Chicago, Ill., at the age of 37 with his wife and four children. After becoming a widower he remarried the Swedish born emigrant Karin Andersson. Their youngest son Haddon was born in 1899.

 Haddon became a renowed commercial artist and produced prize winning advertisements for such giants as Ford, Good Year, Palmolive and Maxwell House Coffee but became most noteworthy for his Coca-Cola Santa Claus which still stands unsurpassed.

 His Sundblom family on the Åland Islands still owns and uses the farm and homestead in the community of Föglö, and proudly took part in the Opening of the Christmas exhibition honoring their relative at the Åland Museum on November 22.

 The Christmas exhibit will go on until January 13, 2008.

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The Åland Islands' Emigrants Day 2007

"Emigrants day 2007" is celebrated on Thursday 9th of August at 6:30 p.m. in Önningebymuseet, Jomala (The Onningeby colony). In rememberence of the emigration from the Åland Islands the Åland Postoffice is issuing a stamp with a emigration theme. First Day Cover stamping will take place in the localities between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.where the postage stamp motive is a painting by the Artist Ture Bengtz (1907-1973), who studied and later lectured at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts School i Boston, Mass.
To honor the 100th anniversary of Prof. Ture Bengtz' birth theThe director of the Önningebymuseum Kjell Ekström will present a memorial exhibition.

Beverage with snacks and pleasent get together is promised!


Organizers: Ålands Emigrantinstitut
Stödföreningen för Sjöbloms emigrant- och torparmuseum

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The Åland Islands' Emigrant Institute and Åland's Museum proudly presents "Finlanders in S:t Petersburg"

The Åland Islands' Emigrant Institute and Åland's Museum proudly presents "Finlanders in S:t Petersburg" first shown in S:t Petersburg at the city's 300 year festivities produced by the Swedish-Russian Society in Finland and "Ålanders in the Russian Empire" presented by The Åland Island's Emigrant Institute together with the Sitka Godenhjelm Rescue Project part II.

View over the district Ryžkova, founded 1802 by released prisoners from Ingermanland, about 230 km northwest of Omsk in West Siberia (photo J.G. Granö, 1902)

Febr. 2 - March 8, 2007.

Grand Opening Febr. 1, 2007, at 6-8 p.m.

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An Emigrant Database is under construction

Mrs Yvonne Blom continues her work with the Åland Emigrant Database and has now scanned through the local paper until 1960. Still there are much material to scan through e.g. the Society Åland members lists. We now hope to raise funds to finance to her on going work. At the moment the database contains more than 500 persons. In the coming future we hope to make parts of the database available on Internet for the benefit of those who search their ancestors. About 10 000 persons have emigrated from Åland during the last 150 years. We are very thankful to any information of emigrants from Åland.
Please give your contribution by filling in this form about the emigrants you have knowledge about. The information you feel is confidential can be entered into the field marked "Notes".

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"European Migration Heritage Week 2 - 9 October 2005

The first official European Migration Heritage Week will be arranged 2 - 9 October 2005. During the week the AEMI (The Association of European Migration Institutions) Annual Meeting will be held in Paris arranged by Générique. Participants and representatives of the Åland Islands' Emigrant Institute will be Chairman Erik Lindholm and Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch, Ph.D. and the very first coordinator of the Institute, who will keep us informed about what is being discussed and what is going on in Paris. The Åland Islands' Emigrant Institute will contribute to "The European Migration Heritage Week" by reporting to the local newspapers and the local broadcasting company. For more information: .

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