The Åland Islands Emigrant Institute

The Åland Islands Emigrant Institute is based in a house in the courtyard of the famous Sail Ship Owner Gustaf Erikson´s house in Norra Esplanadgatan 5 in Mariehamn.
The Institute is actively collecting material and undertaking documentary work. Personal documents and individual emigrants´ stories are given special attention. Research and exhibitions are also part of the Emigrant Institute´s activities.
The Emigrant Institute maintains contacts with several European and American emigrant societies and institutes.

Researchers are very welcome to use our resources. Thanks to good co-operation with The Åland Islands Provincial Archives the Institute has access to e.g. church records and passport lists. Furthermore the Emigrant Institute has collections of its own (containing photographs, letters, newspaper cuttings and interviews among other things). The reference library of the Institute is included in the database Katrina which is available on the Internet ( ). A small fee is charged for the use of microfilm and database facilities.

Norra Esplanadgatan 5, AX-22100 MARIEHAMN,
Aland, Finland
tel. + 358 - (0)18 - 13 325